Art Across the Distance

Usually, we’re all about bringing people together in person.
However, for the next little while, as we adapt to different levels of isolation and physical distancing, we’re creating and sharing art activities to bring us together while apart.

From June to August, we’ll be sharing printable templates on our website for simple art projects you can do in your own space/from anywhere.
We’ll also have a few opportunities to sign up for:

  • art kits by delivery
  • music and storytelling activities by phone
  • arts workshops over video chat

As always, our goal is to connect with each other through art. To make that possible, our activities will include options to share your work and add it to our growing projects, whether by sending us a photo, mailing it, recording or posting it.  We’ll gather the artwork, share it, and pass it on.

You can also become part of the park project, Plant Love  To learn more about that visit our project page.

We hope you’ll stay in touch! 

Activity One : Thaumatrope Traveller



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