DSC_9655Inspired by our interest in listening to stories and making art, as well as by the image of campfires and the theme of legacy, we set out in February 2014 on a new phase of artistic research and development.

To guide us, we asked people about family stories, traditional tales, cultural forms passed down over time, and real and imagined histories of ancestors. We asked: What legacies have you received; what do you hope to pass on to future generations; what legacies do you
want to let go of; what is all your own?

Our research from February to May 2014 took the form of varied artistic projects that combined design, storytelling and performance. We held our fifth annual interactive and evolving gallery installation at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre from May 20th-29th, 2014 featuring this collective artwork.

The image of a Campfire wasat the centre of our activities. A campfire evokes gathering together in a circle of warmth to trade stories, share food and culture, get to know one another, and imagine and ignite community. The various projects represented in the gallery show came out of shared moments of art-making, storytelling and celebration.

Evolving Gallery

Portraits of an Imagined Past

Exploring Roots of the Silk Thread

Memory A La Carte

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