Lost & Found Triptych

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The Lost & Found Triptych was the Community Arts Guild’s first independent project.  A series of three performance-based artworks inspired by stories told by local Tamil Seniors from the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities’ health and wellness programs, the artworks are all related to stories of people and things lost and found.

In the first phase of the project in 2012, we collected stories and developed the initial outline of the three pieces; in the winter and spring of 2013 we recorded and produced the radio play, Lost & Found 1: You Are Not Lost; shot and edited the film, Lost & Found 2: Coming to Past; and began development of the stage production, Lost & Found 3: Train Payanam.

We presented the works in progress in a gallery show in collaboration with Jumblies Theatre, The Lost & Found Evolving Gallery, at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in May 2013. In November 2013 we mounted a workshop production of Lost & Found 3: Train Payanam at The Hub mid-Scarborough.


Read more about each part of the Triptych here:

Lost & Found 1: You Are Not Lost

Lost & Found 2: Coming to Past

Lost & Found 3: Train Payanam



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