Lost & Found 1: You Are Not Lost

IMG_0396A radio play by Tamil seniors at 65 Greencrest Circuit from the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities and Vasantham Tamil seniors’ services, written in collaboration with Sharada K. Eswar and Beth Helmers. Directed by Beth Helmers; sound composition and production by Sarah Miller; additional script development, sound creation and cultural interpretation by Sharada K. Eswar.

Synopsis: Ram is visiting his two grandmothers in Sri Lanka and becomes separated from them while at a festival.

Cast A – English & Tamil
(in order of appearance)Singer – Phillipu Matthiyas
Apamma – Kamala Poopal
Amamma – Sulogini Sothynathan
Ram – Ilakkiyan Ratnaveluppillai
Ice Cream Vendor – M. Pathma
Mohan – Kaitlynn Rodgers
Gopal – Karis Jones-Pard
Mini – Nasha Shaw
Shanti – Raynaiya Rowe
James – Hapbishan Vijayakummar
James’ Appa – John PyetteIMG_0413
Announcer – Ron Stuart

Cast B – more in Tamil
(in order of appearance)Singer – Phillipu Matthiyas
Apamma – P. Parameswary
Amamma – M. Pathma
Ram – Hapbishan Vijayakummar
Ice Cream Vendor – Sulogini Sothynathan
Mohan – Nasha Shaw
Gopal – Ilakkiyan Ratnaveluppillai
Mini – Kaitlynn Rodgers
James – Valuvan Ratnaveluppillai
Gopal’s Appa – Ron Stuart
Announcer – Sarma Donepudi

Other vendors – Ron Stuart, Harold Shaw, Nadine Shaw, Mohani Raghunath, Sharada K. Eswar, Shanish Shaw

Percussion – Sarma Donepudi with Sean Frey and the Tuesday night drop-in crowd

Lost and Found Stories – R. Ragupathy, David McNiven, Dillon Cox, Christina Fedak, Maritess, John Pyette, Zahra, Ashton, Maria Otyeka, Kamala, Sironmany, Parameswary, Thilagam, Leelah Chelliah, Maria, Nagesh Rajaratnam, Pathma, Mary Ragel, Luxmi

General cast & contributers – Vasanthy Ratnaveluppillai, Devi, Roshawn Bent, Roshayne Bent, Andrea Bent, Violet Archer, Sue Melnyk, Lashell Shaw, Shavone Shaw, Shanel Shaw, Sara Wajeeb, Josie, Dreanna, Meya, Percival Brown, Greencrest, Storefront and Tuxedo Court Tamil seniors’ groups from SCHC and Vasantham, Dharshana Jayapathy, Gehan Kolumba Tantrege, Oren, Sasha Tate-Howarth, Elise, Allison Roche, Stephanie Kroone and Melinda Kroone

Other artist contributors: Andrea Thring, Julia Churchill

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