Train Payanam (Train Journey)

TrainPayanam2015Train Payanam is a show that tells stories of loss and recovery from East Scarborough. A child is lost on a busy train. We follow his parents’ search through the train cars, and meet other travelers and adventures along the way. The story is told with music, sound, dance, acting, puppetry, audience participation and more.

Staged as an immersive experience where the cast, in-role, invites the audience to journey with them on the train, Train Payanam weaves together different cultural forms and influences, drawing on elements of true stories combined with fantastical images drawn from our collective imaginations.

Created and performed by artists and community members of all ages from the Community Arts Guild in East Scarborough, the production was staged in April 2015 at The Hub Mid-Scarborough and The Young People’s Theatre.

Artistic Team
Concept Creator and Director: Beth Helmers
Designer: Sonja Rainey*
Composer, Arranger and co-Musical Director: Cathy Nosaty
Song and Story Writer and co-Musical Director: Sharada K. Eswar
Choreographer: Lilia Leon
Costume and Textile Artist: Marianne Alas
Lighting Designer: Jenny Jimenez
Assistant Designer and Puppet Director: Arber Makri
Assistant Choreographer: Julia Hune-Brown**
Assistant Musical Director: Jackie Omstead
Maker: Parker Dirks

For more information and full credits for the production, click here.




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