Silk Thread Project


From October to December 2015, students from two of our local schools along with seniors from the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities’ Tamil Seniors’ Health and Wellness program and Momiji Seniors’ Centre took part in a multi arts project with us. Together we created textile art, masks, dance, puppetry and theatre inspired by stories from countries on the Silk Road. In December the students and seniors came together to share their work.



Contributing Artists: Arber Makri (mask and puppet design) Beth Helmers (director) Cathy Nosaty (music) Jackie Omstead (theatre) Julia Hune-Brown (dance/theatre) Junyee Wang (textiles, storytelling, project concept) Karis Jones-Pard (intern artist) Lilia Leon (dance/theatre) Marianne Alas (textiles) Sharada K. Eswar (storytelling/music) Sonja Rainey (drawing/design) Photos by Katherine Fleitas (Peacephoto).


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