Transformations: Artists in the Library

Artists in the Library is an artist residency that encourages collaboration between Toronto artists, communities and local libraries.  From September to December, Community Arts Guild facilitated storytelling, theatre and making programs in partnership with Malvern and Morningside Library.

We want to thank everyone that contributed to the success of this project:


Artistic and Project Director: Beth Helmers


Outreach and Project Co-ordinator: Joanna Prescod


Lead Artist, INTERLACING and Open Studio (Shadow puppets, character & lantern designs): Sonja Rainey


Lead Artist, Scarborough Stories and Transformations Youth Theatre: Beth Helmers


Lead Artist, Open Studio (Giant Puppet design): Ange Loft


Storytellers: Diana Tso, Jamie Oshkebewisens*, Sharada K. Eswar, East End Storytellers


Musicians: Alejandra Nunez, Cathy Nosaty


Food & Textile Artist: Marianne Alas


Guest Facilitators and Workshop Support: Ashley Riley*, Gehan Kolamba Tantrege, Kaitlynn Rodgers, Julia Hunter**, Julia Tribe, Nikki Shaffeeullah, Tijana Spasic**


Open Studio Design Assistants: Kimberley Walker, Kyoung Kim, Victoria Bacnis


Childcare/Workshop Support: Fiona Pereira

Driver: Tim Dollack

Video and Photo Documentors: Adrienne Marcus Raja, Brian Medina, Robin Archer


Volunteers: Lily Ma, Mariam Desai, Magregor Bowman


The Bus, The Bluffs and the Beasties: Story created by Scarborough Stories group at Malvern Library, with writing by Leanne Minichillo


Scarborough Stories Puppeteers: Jacob Fernandas, Marc Wong, Nijiban, Nekori, Samuel Fernandas, Victoria Fernandas, Fiona Pereira


Bear: Lady Pearline H. Morris


Narrator: Gehan Kolamba Tantrege


Bird Choreographer/Leader: Ashley Riley  


Story Readers: Selina Fisher, John Fisher

Doc Project Contributors: Cynthia Walker, Phillipu Mathiyas, Komathy Coomaraswamy, Lady Pearline H. Morris, Marc Wong, Ian Lim, Ratnajolthy Paramjothy, Ragupathy Ratnasabapathy, Sivamany Sivapatham.


And thank you to the many contributors in Malvern and from East Scarborough and beyond who joined in the art making.


This project was supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding.


*thanks to Jumblies Theatre and Miziwe Biik

**thanks to Jumblies Theatre and Youth Employment Services




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