Unfolding Theatre Production

Unfolding began almost 4 years ago, with a desire to do a big outdoor performance at Cedar Ridge, and also to do something directly about history and stories of Scarborough. I am particularly compelled by the way personal stories accumulate to make up history, and the resonance and extraordinary details of everyday lives not described in public or textbook versions of history. Interlacing, our giant mobile loom, built for the City of Toronto’s Cultural Hotspot, gathered stories from hundreds and hundreds of people all over Scarborough to make a woven timeline of experiences.

Unfolding expresses this multiplicity through a series of short performances and images, each featuring contributions from community members and artists who came on board, tied together by the idea of interweaving, entangling, opening up and pulling apart.

What I hope to share through this performance is a communal celebration of stories given to us: some difficult, some funny, some fanciful, some beautiful – all part of this place. They may or may not be the stories you expect, wish for, have heard before, think are most important. There are many more to be told; let’s keep telling them! Thank you to this place, the nature and humanity that surrounds us, and to those who were here first and are still here and part of this work. Thank you to all those who have added a word, song, gesture or brushstroke to our art, and to those who have gathered to witness its unfolding. 

-Beth Helmers, Artistic Director


Concept Creator & Director: Beth Helmers

Assistant Directors: Jamie Oshkabewisens*, Tijana Spasic*

Puppetry Coach: Jesse Wabegijig

Performance Coach: Diana Tso


Lead Designer & Interlacing Concept: Sonja Rainey

Site Designer: Julia Tribe

Ice Age Puppet Designer: Ange Loft

Assistant Designer: Karis Jones-Pard*

Photographer & Maker: Katherine Fleitas

Wardrobe Head: Oshan Starreveld***

Sewer: Joanna Prescod

Textile Artist: Marianne Alas


Lead Spoken Word Artist: Randell Adjei

Spoken Word Artists: Lexi Salt, Levyi A. Love

Writers: Sharada K. Eswar, Leanne Minichillo

Poets: Kamala Ramasurian, Mangayakarasi Sivasubramaniam, Paramjothy Ratnajothy, Ragupathy Ratnasabapathy, Sivamany Sivapatham, Thambiah Selvaratnam

Dramaturgy Assistance: Lisa Codrington


Composer, Music Director, Accordion: Cathy Nosaty

Songwriter: Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone

Songwriter & Carnatic Musician: Sharada K. Eswar

Songwriter: Dovie Rochester

Choir Assistant: Natalie Fasheh

Percussionist: Brandon Valdivia

Harmonium: Mangayakarasi Sivasubramaniam


Lead Choreographer & Performer: Lilia Leon

Contributing Choreographers: Aria Evans, Norma Araiza

Assistant Choreographer: Nimikii Couchie****


Outreach & Project Manager: Joanna Prescod

Production & Stage Manager: Rebecca Vandevelde

Production Assistants: Ahmed Hegazy △, Aloka Wijesundara △, Connor Fischer △, Kaitlynn Rodgers △, Kelly Lui △

Poster Artwork & Designer: Helah Cooper 

Videographer & Program Designer: Adrienne Marcus-Raja*****

Catering: Marianne Alas

Driver: Tim Dollack

Childcare: Fiona Pereira

Production Support: Sam Egan*****

Production Mentor: Ruth Howard*****


Ahmed Abduljaleel, Alejandra Nunez, Alex Eddington, Ashley Riley, Gehan Kolamba Tantrege, Sarah Miller, Sarah Leung, Sasha Tate-Howarth (Interlacing), Nikki Shaffeeullah, Waleed Abdulhamid

*Metcalf Foundation courtesy of Jumblies 

**OAC Compass courtesy of Jumblies 

***Miziwe Biiik courtesy of Jumblies 

**** Cultural and Human Resources Career Council courtesy of Jumblies 

***** Courtesy of Jumblies 

△ as funded by Canada Summer Jobs and Summer Experience Program


WEAVERS: Diana Tso﹢, Lady Pearline H. Morris, Sonia Rai

STORY FLAGBEARERS: Ahmed Hegazy, Aloka Wijesundara, Connor Fischer, Cynthia Walker,  Gehan Kolamba Tantrege, Kamala Ramasurian, Lilia Leon, Melissa George, Sherry Yaseen, Tijana Spasic, Tisa Elizabeth George-Ouellet 

RACOONS: Kelly Lui, Samuel Fernandes

SQUIRRELS: Jacob Fernandes, Katrina

FOXES: Lucie Leach, Victoria Fernandes

DEER: Violet Archer

SKUNK: Jayden Antoine Caron-Ouellet

ICE AGE PUPPETS: Ahmed Hegazy, Esther Adebisi, Jamie Oshkabewisens, Kaitlynn Rodgers, Tijana Spasic, Tisa Elizabeth George-Ouellet, Lousie Boehler, John Pyette, Josiah Bailey, Selina Fisher, Karis Jones-Pard

POETRY READERS: J. Pathmawathy, Kamala Sivasubramaniam, Mangayakarasi Sivasubramaniam, Padma Krishnamurthy, Paramjothy Ratnajothy, Ragupathy Ratnasabapathy, Sivamany Sivapatham

SPOKEN WORD PERFORMERS PERFORMERS: Levyi A. Love, Lexi Salt, Randell Adjei  

DANCERS: Aloka Wijesundara, Cynthia Walker, Kaitlynn Rodgers, Kamala Ramasurian, Lilia Leon, Pathma Mahalingam, Parameswary Ponnampalam, Sherry Yaseen, Tijana Spasic

CHOIR: Aruna Logendrakumar, Padma Krishnamurthy, V. Sarojini, Yogeswary Gangasabapathy & Full Cast

SOLO SINGERS: Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone, Dovie Rochester, Cynthia Walker, Lady Pearline H. Morris, Ahmed Hegazy, Natalie Fasheh, Sharada K. Eswar, Phillip Matthiyas 

SHADOW PUPPETEERS: Jamie Oshkabewisens, Tijana Spasic, Jacob Fernandes, Kelly Lui, Louise Boehler, Lucie Leach, Samuel Fernandes, Victoria Fernandes

SHADOW PUPPET NARRATORS: Gehan Kolamba Tantrege, Kamala Ramasurian, Kaitlynn Rodgers, Lady Pearline H. Morris, Leanne Minichillo, Melissa George, Tisa Elizabeth George-Ouellet 

﹢appears courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association


Ciara Prince, Connie Tong, David McNiven, Doodoo Hammook, Emelda, Fenix, Haile Kelly, Jaala Prescod, John Fisher, Junior Balkissoon, Kai Masaoka, Kathy Wolfer, Katrina Balkissoon, Kiran Fisher, Lily Ma, Louise Boehler (additional set and costume assistance), Lovina D’Souza, Magregor Bowman, Marc and Clarita Wong, Maria Tong, Munzir Rahman, Nages, Nekori, Sylvie Stojanovski, Yasmeen Safawi, Yutian Yan, Fred Victor Wellness Program (painting Ice Age puppets), Family Residence Youth (sculpting Ice Age puppets), Cedarbrae High School grade 10 art (sculpting Ice Age puppets),  Dharashana Jayapathy and the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities Tamil Seniors’ Wellness Program (writing and performance), Debbie Lee and Scarborough Village Seniors (writing and performance), East Scarborough Storefront (Hanging at the Hub – tribute lanterns, small looms, parade development), Diana Keep and students at Willow Park Jr. Public School (building lanterns), St. Richard’s Catholic School, Malvern Library kids (shadow puppets), East End Storytellers & Morningside library, Malvern Library and Town Centre (weaving), Sewing Room participants and David Morales at 4301 Kingston Road (costumes), youth artists from East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club (design and making), Scarborough Village Community Garden volunteers and residents near Fred Johnson Park (weaving and puppetry development), The Hub Mid-Scarborough/ SCHC summer camp, Polycultural Immigrant Services summer camp (animal character development), Native Child & Family Services summer camp (weaving)


In Partnership with Cedar Ridge Creative Centre

City of Toronto 

Toronto Arts Council

Arts in the Park  

Toronto Arts Foundation

Ontario Arts Council

Theatre Ontario

Canada Council for the Arts

Government of Canada

Province of Ontario

Miziwe Biik

Metcalf Foundation

Cultural hotspot

Scarborough Centre For Healthy Communities

Toronto Community Housing

East Scarborough Storefront

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre


Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery


Jumblies Theatre


Anonymous, Bill & Nancy Helmers, Catherine Cavanaugh, Chris & Mindy Helmers, Emma Manchester, Evanne Ketchabaw, Junyee Wang, Kathleen Dore, Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Miranda Bouchard, Rod & Mary Ann Archer, Ruth Howard, Sarah Lawrence, Sarah Schwartz


Ojibwe language consultation: Amy Desjarlais and Isabel Cada

Placement students: Haro Thaya (York), Kerraine Dennis (Centennial College) Jason Chung, Monish Ghosh (UTSC)

Volunteer transcription, INTERLACING: Aruna Panday, Carly Wolowich

Loom Consultation: Caroline Hollway

Robin, Violet and Malcolm Archer

Cathy Stubington of Runaway Moon for the dance inspiration of weaving with big fabric

Varrick Grimes, Lisa Marie DiLiberto

Liz Rucker and Arts4All

Leah Houston, Karen Kew and MABELLEarts summer staff

City of Toronto and Cedar Ridge staff: Nadira Pattison, Margaret Chan, Julie Frost, Tina Harper, Karen Harkins, Deanne Andrews, Andrea Cnudde, Mohamed Ali Zainudeen, Thava Sivagnanam and all the facility attendants

Chris Martin and all the gardeners of Cedar Ridge park

Karen Neeson, Joy Hughes, and Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery volunteers

Jumblies Theatre & Arts, founder of the Community Arts Guild over a decade ago, and producing and mentoring partner for this production.



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