Interlacing 2018

INTERLACING is a Signature Project of the Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto. It is an interactive art installation based around a large scale 10’ x 5’ loom that is travelling to different sites in North Scarborough, inviting people to weave together.  Visitors to the loom will help create a timeline of Scarborough history by writing and weaving in events and moments on strips of fabric.

This project investigates the official and unofficial histories, personal and collective memories, and changing identities of Scarborough. It explores how the threads of our lives and stories are interwoven within the fabric of where we live and come from: Where do these strands form a tight weave? Where do the threads get lost? Where do they unravel?



INTERLACING is presented by:

Lead Artist, Project Concept and Design: Sonja Rainey

Lead Artist and Artistic Producer: Beth Helmers

Outreach and Project Co-ordinator: Joanna Prescod

Sewer and Textile Artist: Marianne Alas

Facilitators, Staff and Artist Contributors:

Ashley Riley, Beth Helmers, Diana Tso, Fiona Pereira, Gehan Udayanga Kolamba Tantrege, Jamie Oshkabewisens, Julia Tribe, Kaitlynn Rodgers, Karis Jones-Pard, Marianne Alas, Melanie Fernandez-Alvares, Munzir Rahman, Sam Egan, Sarah Miller, Sasha Tate-Howarth, Sharada Eswar, Sonja Rainey, Sylvie Stojanovski, Tijana Spasic


Technical Support: Kai Masaoka

Loom Construction: Steel and Oak

Graphic Design: Helah Cooper and Sonja Rainey

Story Prompts:  Sasha Tate-Howarth

Research and Sources: Sarah Miller, Scarborough Museum, Multicultural History Society, First Story Toronto, Victoria Freeman and others

Special Thanks to: Caroline Hollway, Lily Ma, Ruth Howard, Leah Houston, Christine Shipley, and Mariam Desai


And to everyone who has woven in a story, our deepest gratitude


A Signature Project of the Cultural Hotspot

Additional Funders and Partners:

Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Government of Canada, City of Toronto, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, ARTSIDEOUT, East Scarborough Storefront, Jumblies Theatre, Malvern Town Centre, Malvern Library, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto, Nuit Blanche, Scarborough Town Centre and many more



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