Lost & Found 2: Coming to Past

Film IMG_4260 copyA short film about a woman living in a new country who gets off the bus at the wrong stop and finds herself in an unexpected, magical place.

Created with Tamil seniors from the Storefront, Scarborough youth and other community members.

Directed by Sean Frey and Sonja Rainey; concept by Sean Frey and Beth Helmers, with vocals by Sharada Eswar, percussion by Sarma Donepudi, strings by Rebecca Bruton.

Core performers:
Nages Rajaratnam
Pathini Krishnamourthy
Pathma Mahalingam
Parameswary Ponnampalam
Sulogini Sothynathan
Yogeswary Kumarespasopathy
SCHC Storefront Tamil Seniors’ wellness program



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