Unfolding: NBTO 2019

Unfolding at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019

A photograph of two hands holding a story tag from the loom.
Photo by: Katherine Fleitas/Peacephoto

Lead Artist and Installation Designer: Sonja Rainey

Lead Artist and Artistic Producer: Beth Helmers

Video Projection Design: Kelly Lui △, with footage from Adrienne Marcus-Raja***** and Robin Archer

Audio Installation Design: Oshan Starreveld*** (recorded audio) and Kai Masaoka (live audio and installation)

Installation Technicians: Karis Jones-Pard, Rebecca Vandevelde

Live Music: Natalie Fasheh

Textile Artist: Marianne Alas

Installation Facilitators (Staff & Volunteers):

Ceilidh Carberry, Fiona Pereira, Gehan Udayanga Kolamba Tantrege, Joanna Prescod, Nimikii Couchie****, Sam Egan*****, Tuija Hansen*****

Other Contributing Staff and Artists: Ahmed Hegazy △, Aloka Wijesundara △, Connor Fischer △, Jamie Oshkabewisens**, Kaitlynn Rodgers △, Sasha Tate-Howarth, Sarah Miller, Tijana Spasic*

Special Thanks to: Carly Wolowich, Zakera Bulbulia, Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Theatre Direct, Ruth Howard***** and Jumblies Theatre

*Metcalf Foundation courtesy of Jumblies 

**OAC Compass courtesy of Jumblies 

***Miziwe Biiik courtesy of Jumblies 

**** Cultural and Human Resources Career Council courtesy of Jumblies 

***** Courtesy of Jumblies 

△ supported by Canada Summer Jobs and Summer Experience Program

Full credits for music, words and choreography from Unfolding theatre production here.

And to everyone who has contributed to this project over many years, our deepest gratitude.

Funders and Partners:

Tim Hortons, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Government of Canada, City of Toronto, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, ARTSIDEOUT, East Scarborough Storefront, Jumblies Theatre, Malvern Town Centre, Malvern Library, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto, Nuit Blanche Toronto, Scarborough Town Centre, Scarborough Village and many more



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